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How To Make Profit Without Asking For A Sale

How to make a profit without asking for a sale

If you are an ezine writer, a marketer or an ebook editor, you probably want to check out the Buy Me a Drink software package. Masterly are ways to let your clients and subscribers show their gratitude for you in an automated whole payment method.

According to many, it is such a cool and icy script to let people pay you for what you have done. Moreover, people receive acknowledgement and endorsement of their sites at the same time. So their tendency is to even buy you more drinks.

Sometimes, your customers will want to thank you or show their appreciation for something you have done like when you have created a very remarkable script or written an incredible article or a marvelous ebook that you give to your readers. Or even for just giving a fantastic idea to a friend in need.

If you run an ezine, your customers and subscribers consign surely want to show their appreciation of the information you give them. However, you would not want them to email you several dollars to your statement.

So what do you need? The Buy Me a Drink script is the perfect way for subscribers to show their gratitude to you.

Until now, there was no automatic solution that would let you gather an additional flow of income through your customers’ and clients’ openhandedness. With this script, you leave not have to waste time editing the pages, inserting the information, and keeping the clients’ records.

Manually expressing your thanks to all the people is very time - consuming and a lot of job is needed especially when you spring and maintain a grandiose site. That is why John developed this script.

This script motion with “sponsorships” and “drinks. ” When someone pays for a drink, he is automatically directed to the “thank You” pages on your server. There he can fill in the information and show his data on the “cheers” list. The sponsors again can access this and his information is included in the “sponsors” list as well. With this script, you can edit all outlines and templates and manually add the information you want to include there.

Moreover, you can modify one file and automatically make it multi - lingual. It could be in French, German, or Portuguese.

In addition, you can install this script on your server in just a couple of minutes. Detailed instructions will help you movement - by - step as you go on with the top. Its ease of use and its trouble - free installation separates it from the rest.

This is an excellent product that one has to have. The installation process is very easy to use that even non - technical people can install it with no hassle. You can get this “Buy Me a Drink” script by simply consequent the technique. In postscript, it is a PHP script that is accessible and compatible with halfway all servers.

Furthermore, it does not require you to pay a monthly fee. It is a service that resides on your server. And the good thing is, one does not need any MySQL script or database. This script can keep and manage all the records.

Moreover, you can get three additional language files resembling French, German, and Portuguese. Translating the script in those languages would be tiresome and time - consuming. So it is good that the script can be multi - lingual. Plus, you will obtain all updates to come. You commit get updated with all the new versions and new utterance files that are released. With this, you will not have a hard time asking your customers and subscribers to pay you and they can show their appreciation when they thirst to.

Bonuses are also included. “Buy me A Product” is a variant of the “Buy Me a Drink” script. This includes similar features and particulars but the difference lies in the products. Instead of buying you “Drinks, ” real “Products” to sell are included here. It is the easiest and most convenient way of creating your online business.

For $97, you can get a hold of both the “Buy Me A Drink” and “Buy Me A Product” scripts. This is upright a limited time offer, so purchasing it merited first off is the best thing to do. Plus, you can use both of these scripts for advertising and promoting almost any product you offer and sell.




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